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5 Benefits of Urgent Care

Urgent Care Medicine is the medical discipline that provides outpatient care for treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries that need to be addressed within about 24 hours. It requires practitioners to possess a broad knowledge base to offer such widespread types of care.

Urgent care is not meant to replace your primary care physician. Rather, it provides an option when your regular physician is not in the office (i.e., evenings and weekends) or is unable to offer you a timely appointment. Urgent care also offers a faster and cheaper alternative to a hospital emergency room when the illness/injury is not life-threatening.

Here at Omni-Med Family Care & Urgent Care, we offer the best of both worlds, because we serve as your primary medical provider, and we offer urgent care services for all our patients and anyone else who needs help. Dr. Roger DiRuggiero, our medical director, has over 25 years experience helping the residents of Florham Park, New Jersey, and its surrounding communities, and he wants you to understand the five major benefits of using an urgent care center.

5 benefits of urgent care centers

There are five main benefits of urgent care centers:

1. Accessible

In 2018, the Urgent Care Association (UCA) reported there were 8,250 urgent care centers in the US, with 400-500 new clinics opening each year from 2014 to 2017. No matter where in the country you live, you should be close enough to a center to get the urgent care you need.

2. Convenient hours

Urgent care centers are open when you need to get to them. Even with an urgent need, you might not be able to get an appointment with your primary physician right away. Urgent care centers are usually open seven days a week, with evening hours Monday through Friday, and you don’t need an appointment — you can just walk in.

3. Timely

If you go to an emergency room, you can sit for hours in the waiting room before you get called back to see a doctor. According to a 2017 UCA survey, even if you’re a walk-in, most urgent care centers will be able to see you in 20 minutes or less, and most patients are diagnosed, treated, and out the door within an hour.

4. Cost-efficient

Urgent care visits are usually a fraction of the cost of going to a hospital emergency room. According to a UCA analysis that cited figures from 2016 Cigna claims, "Nearly half of all visits to urgent care centers result in an average charge of less than $150 — compared to the average cost of an ER visit at $2,250." Most urgent care clinics also accept Medicare and Medicaid, according to the UCA report.

5. Wide range of services

Staff at urgent care centers diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including:

and most offer the following services on-site:

With Omni-Med Family Care & Urgent Care, you have an added benefit — your urgent care provider is your primary physician, which means we already know you and your health history and have access to all your medical records. That allows us to better coordinate your care.

Do you have a medical need that’s urgent but not life-threatening? Omni-Med Family Care & Urgent Care is open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday for appointments and walk-ins, and walk-ins only over the weekend. Give us a call for more information at 973-377-8776, or send us a message online.

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