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Why Annual Physical Exams are Important at Every Stage of Life

You might not think that preventative care is very important or that it can provide you with any noticeable benefits. So, you might choose not to go to your primary care physician for your annual physical. The truth is, however, preventative healthcare can save you from a host of preventable illnesses down the road.

That’s why our team at Omni-Med Family Care & Urgent Care in Florham Park, New Jersey, has compiled this helpful guide to explain just why annual physical exams are so important.   

The importance of early detection

We tend to think that chronic illnesses are reserved for the elderly. But the truth of the matter is, you can develop health problems at any time, no matter your age

Early detection is the key to catching and treating illnesses in the early stages. So, you’ll want to make sure that you visit your primary care physician every year in order to get your health condition assessed. This is also a great time to tell your doctor about any health issues or symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

What happens during your annual physical

During your annual physical, Dr. Roger DiRuggiero asks about your family’s medical history and any current medical conditions you may have. He then conducts a complete physical examination of your body, including heart, throat, eyes, and general reflexes.

Finally, Dr. DiRuggiero determines which preventative tests are right for you. These tests help catch developing health problems early on, including:



Take charge of your health today

As you can see, an annual physical helps detect some pretty serious chronic illnesses. Don’t wait until you get sick to see the doctor--take charge of your health now with early detection and preventative care. 

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your annual physical with Dr. DiRuggiero today, call 973-377-8776 or book an appointment online

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